Wine and Food Pairing

Wine can change the way your food tastes. It can increase the flavors and better the experience. Our rule for finding the right food and wine combination can be summed up in our general philosophy of wine: "drink what you like"

Here are a few pointers, but experiment! Find the flavor combinations you like the most...

White Wines

Chardonnay: Salmon, Grilled Chicken, White Cream Sauces, Veal
Avoid: Very Spicy Foods

Gewurztraminer: Chinese, Swiss Cheese, Pork, Foie Gras, Thai
Avoid: Light Foods

Pinot Grigio: Cream Sauces, Turkey, Shrimp, Veal
Avoid: Tomatoes, Spicy Foods

Riesling (Dry): Chicken, Shrimp, Lobster, Smoked Trout, Thai
Avoid: Sweets

Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc: Trout, Goat Cheese, Shellfish, Sea Bass
Avoid: Sweets


Red Wines

Barbera: Pizza, Lasagna, Lemon Chicken, Pasta
Avoid: None

Cabernet Sauvignon: Steak, Lamb, Roasts, Dark Chocolate, Duck
Avoid: Tomatoes, Fish

Merlot: Grilled Meats, Barbeque, Chicken
Avoid: Sweets

Pinot Noir: Duck, Salmon, Tuna, Beef Stroganoff, Lamb
Avoid: Very Spicy Foods

Syrah or Shiraz: Peppered Red Meats, Sausage, Stews, Barbeque
Avoid: Fish