Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Bacchus Ba-kus
The Roman God of Wine

Ban de Vendage Bahn duh Vehng-Dahzh
The prescribed day to start the vintage

Bandol Bahn-dohl
Red wine appellation-Cotes de Provence

Barbaresco Bar-ba-ress-ko
A fine red wine from Piedmont

Barbera Bar-beh-ra
Red wine grape and wine from Piedmont

Bardolino Bar-doh-lee-no
A Veronese red wine

Barolo Ba-ro-lo
A fine red wine from Piedmont

barrique Ba-reek
Bordeaux wine barrel containing 54 gl

Beaujolais Bo-zho-lay
Red wine region of Southern Burgundy

Beaune Bone
The capital of Burgundy

Beerenauslese Beh-ren-owss-leh-zeh
Individually selected overripe grapes

Bellet Bell-lay
Small appellation in Cote de Provence

Bereich Bay-rye'kh
Small district within a Gebeit (Germany)

Bernkastel Behrn-has-tel
The chief vyd city of the Middle Moselle

Beycheville Baysh-veel
Classified Fourth Growth in Medoc (St. Julien)

Bianco Toscano B'yahn-ko Tohs-ka-no
A dry white wine from Tuscany

Bienvenues B'yeng-vuh-nu
White Grand Cru in Puligny-Montrachet

Blanc Blohng

Blanc fume Blohng Fu-may
Sauvignon Blanc as known in the Loire

Blanchot Blawng-sho
Grand Cru in Chablis Chablis

Bocksbeutel Box-boy-tel
Flat sided squat bottle from Franconia

Bonnes-Mares Bun Mar
Red Grand Cru in Chambolle-Musigny

Bordeaux Bor-doh
Major city in the department of Gironde

Bourgogne Aligote Boor-goy'n Ah-lee-go-tae
A lesser wine from the Chablis region

Bougros Boo-gro
Grand Cru in Chablis

Bourgueil Boor-goy
Red wine commune in Cote de Touraine

Brane-Cantenac Brahn-Kahn-tuh-nahk
A Classified Second Growth in Medoc (Margaux)

Brouilly Broo-yee
The largest commune in Beaujolais

Brut Broot
The driest champagne