Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Cabernet Franc Ka-behr-nay Frahng
A red wine grape of Bordeaux

Calon-Segur Ka-lohng Say-goor
Classified Third Growth in Medoc (St. Estephe)

Campania Kahm-pahn-ya
A region in southern Italy

Canon Ka-nohng
A first great growth of St. Emilion

Carbonnieux Kar-bohn-yuh
A Classified Growth in Graves (white)

Cassis Ka-sees
White wine appellation(Cote de Provence)

Certan-de-May Sair-tahng duh May
A first growth in Pomerol

Chablis Sha-blee
White wine region north of the Cote d'Or

Chaintre Shant-tray
White wine commune in the Cote de Nuits

Chambertin Shawm-behr-tahng
Red Grand Cru in Gevrey-Chambertin

Chambolle-Musigny Shawm-bohl-Moo-seen-yee
Red wine commune in the Cote de Nuits

Champagne Shawm-pine
Vineyard region northeast of Paris

Charmes Sharm
White Premier Cru in Meursault

Chassagne-Montrachet Sha-sign-Mohng-ra-shay
White wine commune in the Cote du Beaune

Chasse-Spleen Shahss-Spleen
Classified Cru Exceptionnel in Medoc

Chasselas Shahss-la
White grape grown in Pouilly-sur-Loire

chateau sha-toh
A specified viticultural holding

Chenas Shay-na
A commune in Beaujolais

Cheval Blanc Shuh-vahl Blohng
A first great classified growth in St. Emilion

Chianti K'yahn-tee
The famous red wine from Tuscany

Chinon Shee-nohng
Red wine commune in Coteaux de Touraine

Chiroubles Shee-roobl
A commune in Beaujolais

climat klee-ma
A small vineyard holding in Burgundy

Climens Klee-men
A classified first growth in Sauternes

Clos (Les) Klo
A Grand Cru in Chablis

Clos de Beze Klo duh Bayz
Red Grand Cru in Gevrey-Chambertin

Clos de Vougeot Klo duh Voo-zho
Red Grand Cru in Vougeot

Clos St. Denis Klo Sahng duh-nee
Red Grand Cru in Morey-St. Denis

commune ko-m'yoon
A delimited vineyard area in Cote d'Or

Condrieu Kohn-dree-yuh
White wine vineyard area Cote du Rhone

Corton (Le) Kor-tohng
Red Grand Cru in Aloxe-Corton

Cos d'Estournel Kos-dess-toor-nel
A classified second growth in Medoc (St. Estephe)

Cos-Labory kos-La-bo-ree
A classified fifth growth in Medoc (St. Estephe)

Cote de Beaune Koht duh Bone
The southern region of the cote d'Or

Cote de Beaune Village Koht duh Bone Vee-lahj
Appellation for Cote de Beaune (red)

Cote de Brouilly Koht duh Broo-yee
A superior commune in Beaujolais

Cote Maconnais Koht Ma-ko-nay
North central region, Southern Burgundy

Cote de Nuits Koht duh N'wee
Northern region of the Cote d'Or

Cote de Nuits-Village Koht duh N'wee Vee-lahj
Appellation for Cote de Nuits (red)

Cotes de Provence Koht duh Pro-vawnss
The wine region of Provence

Cote d'Or Koht dor
The heart of the Burgundy region

Cote Rotie Koht ro-tee
Red wine vineyard area in Cote de Beaune

Coteaux de Touraine Ko-toh duh Too-rain
A vineyard area of the Loire

Cotes du Rhone Koht du Rohn
Vineyard region in the Rhone Valley

Coutet Koo-tay
A Classified First Growth in Sauternes

Criots (Les) Cree-yo
White Grand Cru in Puligny-Montrachet

cuvee koo-vay
A specific assemblage (blend)

cuvee koo-vay
The juice from the first pressing