Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Dordogne Dor-doyn
A tributary of the Gironde River

degorgement day-gorj-mahn
Removing frozen sediment from Champagne

deuxieme taille duhz-yem tie
The third pressing in Champagne (AKA Second Taille)

Dionysus Dee-yo-nye-sus
The Greek god of wine

Dominode (La) Doh-mee-nohd
A red Premier Cru in Savigny

Dom Perignon Dohm Pay-reen-yohng
The Benedictine monk famous in Champagne

dosage de tirage doh-zahzh duh tee-rahzh
Dosage for uniform secondary fermentation

Ducru-Beaucaillou Doo-kroo-Bo-kye-yoo
A Classified Second Growth in Medoc (St. Julien)

Durfort-Vivens Dur-for - Vee-vawnss
A Classified Second Growth in Medoc (Margaux)