Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Eigene Abfullung Eye-geh-neh Ahb-ful-loong
Bottled by the vineyard owner

Einsellage Ine-zel-la-guh
An individual vineyard site in Germany

Eiswein Ice-vine
Perfectly ripened, partially frozen grapes

Emilia-Romagna Ay-meel-ya Ro-mahn-ya
A department in north-central Italy

Enkirch En-korkh
A vineyard village of the Middle Moselle

en primeur ahng pree-mer
The first sale of a chateau-bottled Bordeaux

Entre-Deux-Mers Awn-tru Duh Mair
Lesser red wine district of Bordeaux

Epenots (Les) Eh-peh-no
Red Premier Cru in Pommard

epluchage ay-plu-shahzh
Selecting the perfect grapes in Champagne

Erbach Air-bahkh
A vineyard village of the Rheingau

Echezeaux (Les) Es-sheh-zo
Red Grand Cru in Flagey-Echezeaux

Est! Est!! Est!!! Est Est Est
A delightful white wine from Montefiascone (Italy)