Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Falfas Fahl-fa
A Classified Growth in the Cotes de Bourg

Feves (Les) Fev
Red Premier Cru in Beaune

*Figeac Fee-zhahk
A Great Classified Growth in St. Emilion

Fixin Feek-zeng
The northernmost commune in the Cote de Nuits

Flagey-Echezeaux Fla-zhey Eh-sheh-zo
A small red wine commune in the Cote de Nuits

Fleurie Fluh-ree
A commune in Beaujolais

*Fleur-Pourret (La) Flerr Poo-ray
A Classified Principal Growth in St. Emilion

Frascati Fra-ska-tee
A strong red wine from Latium (Italy)

Frecciarossa Frey-cha-ro-sa
"Chateau-bottled" red and white wine (Lombardy)

Fuder foo-der
A large wooden cask used in the Moselle

Fuisse Fwee-say
White wine village in the Cote Maconnais