Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Gamay Ga-may
A red wine grape used mainly in Beaujolais

Garonne Ga-rawn
A tributary of the Gironde River

*Gazin Ga-zeng
A First Growth in Pomerol

Gebeit Geh-bite
A wine-growing region in Germany

Gevrey-Chambertin Zhev-ray Shawn-bair-ten
The largest commune in the Cote de Nuits

Gewurztraminer Guh-verts-tra-mee-ner
A superior quality & spicy winegrape

Gironde Zhee-rawnd
The major river of Bordeaux

Givry Zhee-vree
A commune in the Cote Chalonnais

Goldtropfchen Golt-trupf-shen
The famous vineyard in Piesport (Moselle)

Goutte dOr Goot Dor
White Premier Cru in Meursault

Graach Grahkh
A vineyard village in Middle Moselle

Grand Cru Grahng Kroo
A great growth in Burgundy

Grands Echezeaux (Les) Grahng Es-sheh-zo
Red Grand Cru in Flagey-Echezeaux

Graves Grahv
A red and white wine district of Bordeaux

Gravieres (Les) Grahv-yair
Red Premier Cru in Santenay

Grenouille Gruh-nwee
A Grand Cru in Chablis

Greves (Les) Grev
Red Premier Cru in Beaune

*Grillet Gree-yay
A very small white wine estate in Condrieu (Rhone)

Grosslage Grohss-la-guh
Area formed by neighboring German vineyards

*Gruaud-Larose Gru-oh - La-rose
A Classified Second Growth in Medoc (St. Julien)

Grumello Groo-mel-lo
A fine red wine from Valtellina (Lombardy)

*Guiraud Ghee-ro
A Classified First Growth in Sauternes