Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Palatinate\Rheinpfalz Pa-la-tee-nate
A vineyard area of the Rhine

Palette Pa-let
A red wine appellation in Cotes de Provence

*Palmer Pahl-mair
A Classified Third Growth in Medoc (Margaux)

Paniers pahn-yay
Baskets used by grape pickers in Champagne

*Pape Clement Pahp Clay-mohng
A Classified Growth in Graves (red)

Passe-tous-Grains Pahss-too-Greng
A red wine made from both Pinot Noir and Gamay

Pauillac Pohl-yahk
A principal parish in the Haut-Medoc

*Pavie Pa-vee
A First Great Classified Growth in St. Emilion

Pernand-Vergelesses Pair-nahng Vair-zhuh-less
A red wine commune in the Cote de Beaune

Pessac Pess-sahk
A principal parish in Graves

Petit Chablis Puh-tee Sha-blee
A lesser appellation in Chablis

*Petit-Village Puh-tee Vee-lahzh
A First Growth in Pomerol

*Petrus Pay-truss
A Great First Growth in Pomerol

*Phelan-Segur Fay-lahng Say-gur
A Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel in Medoc (St. Estephe)

Phylloxera Fy-lox-eh-ra
Native American plant (root) lice

*Pichon-Lalande Pee-shohng La-lahnd
A Classified Second Growth in Medoc (Pauillac)

*Pichon-Longueville Pee-shohng Long-veel
A Classified Second Growth in Medoc (Pauillac)

Piedmont Peed-mont
A Department in northeast Italy

Pinot Noir Pee-no N'war
The noble red grape of Burgundy

*Piron Pee-rohng
A Classified Principal Growth in Graves

Pomerol Po-may-rol
A red wine district of Bordeaux

Pommard Po-mar
The best known commune in the Cote de Beaune

Pouilly-Fuisse Poo-yee Fwee-say
Famous white wine from the Cote Maconnais

Pouilly-Fume Poo-yee Foo-may
The important wine from the Loire Valley

Pouilly-Loche Poo-yee Lohsh
White wine commune in the Cote Maconnais

Pouilly-sur-Loire Poo-yee sur L'war
White wine vineyard town in the Loire Valley

Pouilly-Vinzelles Poo-yee Veng-zel
White wine commune in the Cote Maconnais

Premeaux Pray-mo
Red wine commune in the Cote de Nuits

Premiere taille Pruh-m'yair tie
The second pressing in Champagne

Preuses (Les) Pruhz
A Grand Cru in Chablis

Provence Pro-vengss
The vineyard region of the French Riviera

Puligny-Montrachet Pu-leen-yee Mohng-ra-shay
White wine commune in the Cote de Beaune

pupitres pu-peetr
Slanting cellar racks (riddling) used in Champagne