Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Saar Zar
A vineyard area of the Upper Moselle

Saint-Amour Seng Ta-moor
The northernmost commune in Beaujolais

*Saint-Marc Sahng-mar
A Classified Great Growth in Barsac (Sauternes)

*Ste. Roseline Sahnt Rose-leen
The foremost chateau-bottled vin rose (Provence)

Sancerre Sahng-sair
A vineyard town in the central Loire Valley

Santenay Sahng-tuh-nay
Southernmost commune in the Cote de Beaune

Santenote (Les) Sahn-tuh-no
Red Premier Cru in Volnay

Sassella Sahs-sel-la
A red wine from Valtellina (Lombardy)

Saumur So-mur
An important white wine of the Loire

Sauternes So-tairn
White wine region of Bordeaux

Sauvignon Blanc So-vee-yohng Blahng
Major white wine grape of Graves

Savennieres Sa-ven-yair
A small appellation in Anjou-Saumur

Savigny-les-Beaune Sa-veen-yee-lay-Bone
Red wine commune in the Cote de Beaune

Scharzhof Sharts-hohf
A famous estate in Wiltingen (Saar)

Schloss Johannisberg Shlohss Yo-ha-nis-bairg
Most famous vineyard of Johannisberg (Rheingau)

Schloss Vollrads Shlohss fohl-rahts
Most famous vineyard of Winkel (Rheingau)

Sec Sek
Very Sweet

Semillon Say-meel-yohng
Major grape of the Sauternes

Sicily Sis-sil-ly
Island Department at southern tip of Italy

Soave So-ah-vay
A Veronese white wine

Solutre So-lu-tray
White wine village in the Cote Maconnais

Sonnenuhr Zoh-nen-oor
Most famous vineyard in Wehlen (Moselle)

Spatlese Shpayt-leh-seh
Late-picked fully-ripened grapes

Steinberg Shtine-bairg
Most famous vineyard in Hattenheim (Rheingau)

Steinwein Shtine-Vine
The generic name for Franconian wines

St. Emilion Seng-tay-meel-yohng
Red wine district of Bordeaux

St. Estephe Seng-tes-teff
A principal parish in the Haut-Medoc

St. Julien Seng zhul-yeng
A principal parish in the Haut-Medoc

Strasbourg Strahss-boorg
The capital of Alsace

Sylvaner Sil-va-ner
White wine grape used in Alsace and Germany

Syrah See-ra
Red wine grape of the Cotes du Rhone