Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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Tafelwein Tah-fel-vine
Ordinary German table wine

*Talbot Tahl-bo
A Classified Fourth Growth in Medoc (St. Julien)

Talence Ta-lawnce
A principal parish in Graves

*Tastes (de) Tahst
A Classified Growth in Sainte-Croix-du-Mont

Tavel Ta-vel
Vin Rose commune in the Cotes du Rhone

Teurons (Les) Toor-ohng
Red Premier Cru in Beaune

Tiergarten Teer-gar-ten
An important vineyard in Trier (Ruwer)

Traminer Tra-min-ner
White wine grape used mainly in Alsace

Trier Tree-yer
An important city on the Moselle

Trockenbeeren Tro-ken-be-ren
Semi-dried or shriveled grapes

Tuscany Tuss-ca-nee
A Department in central Italy