Wine Glossary with Pronunciations

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agrafe ah-grahf
Metal cap for secondary fermentation

Aloxe-Corton Ah-lohx-Cor-tohng
Red wine commune in the Cote de Beaune

Alsace Ahl-zahss
Vineyard region in northeastern France

Anjou Ahn-zhoo
Vineyard area in the Loire Valley

Assemblage Ah-sem-blaushj
Blending a still wine before secondary fermentation

Asti Spumante Ah-stee Spoo-mahn-tee
A sparkling white wine from Piedmont

Auslese Owss-leh-zeh
Selected picking of fully-ripened grapes

Ausone Ow-zo-neh
A First Classified Great Growth in St. Emilion

Auxey-Duresses Ohk-zeh-Du-ress
Small red wine commune in Cote du Beaune

Avignon Ah-veen-yong
Major city of the Cotes du Rhone